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  • San Diego Local SEO

     Get Found in your Local Area with our Google my Business Optimization Services

  • San Diego Organic SEO

    Rank Locally and Nationally with our Organic SEO Optimization Systems

  • On Page SEO / On Site SEO

    Optimization of the content on your site. Optimize keywords and entities to help your website rank higher in Google. 

  • Off Page SEO / Backlinks

    Optimization of the off page backlinks to your site. Outreach and building of high quality backlinks to help you rank higher in Google.

  • Technical SEO

    Ensure your website has all the necessary technical aspects optimized to ensure best SEO performance in Google.

  • Analytics & Reporting

    We track many aspects of your website and SEO performance and present the results on a monthly basis. We track phone calls, forms fills on your site and chats on your website. We track rankings and traffic to your website. You can see what is working best for you.

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The San Diego SEO Company Approach To SEO

Our approach to SEO is designed to provide results for Local and National Companies. The San Diego SEO Company uses the most advanced techniques to improve the ranking of your websites in Google and Bing. Google is based on an science and we use science to give Google exactly what it wants to see. We use analysis techniques to determine the most effective SEO plan for your company website.  It is not by chance that many consider us one of the top San Diego SEO Experts, as we have been practicing effective SEO for over 12 years and keep up with all the changes in the Google Algorithm's.

There are large number of San Diego seo companies, we believe we are a bit different. We care about small businesses in San Diego and we use the same advanced technology to help your company whether is a 1 person operation or a large corporation. We work with both small 1 - 2 person companies all they way up to multi billion dollar corporations.


San Diego SEO Company - SEO Audit

Full Website SEO Audit

Modern website are very complex under the hood, there are many issues that can make your site rank poorly in Google. Technical issues with your site can have a large impact on your overall performance. We look at over 200 difference technical aspects of your website to make sure it is in top shape for  Google.

Content Creation for SEO and Conversion

Quality content is the foundation of Search Engine Optimization and very important for good overall SEO performance. Choosing the correct combination of keywords and phrases is the cornerstone of strong SEO. We use a number of SEO tools to analyses exactly the correct types of words and phrases you should be using in your written content to give Google exactly what it wants to see.

San Diego SEO Company - Content Creation

San Diego SEO Services

San Diego SEO Company - On Page SEO

San Diego Search Marketing Company

On Page SEO Optimization

Google expects to see a properly formatted page when it visits your site and reads the content on your web page. Optimizing the page so that Google has an easy time understanding what your web page and website is about will help rank your website in the search engines. The San Diego SEO Company evaluates many different factors about your website to determine what the best mix of H1,H2,H3,H4, Meta Title, Word Count, Images and Videos. There is no guesswork in what we do, it is based on solid SEO practices and Science.

Off Page SEO Optimization

The san diego seo company approach to off page seo is to promote your website to Press Release Sites, Social Media Sites and Highly Trusted website. Getting links back from other websites is a sign that the website likes your content and has rewarded you with a link so visitors to there website can choose to visit your site. A link from another website is a vote of confidence in your website, Google uses the links to your website as a guide to help determine how good your content is. Off page seo is still a very important aspect of search engine optimization in 2019 and 2020.

Off Page SEO
Technical SEO - San Diego SEO Company

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San Diego SEO Company - Technical SEO

Technical SEO

What is technical SEO?

Technical SEO is making sure all the techie parts of your website function correctly, the include some of the following:

  • Checking Google can crawl your site
  • Making sure your SSL works correctly
  • Redirecting to (if you use the www version)
  • Making sure http redirects to https if using SSL
  • Check you do not have any 404 pages
  • Checking that your 301 redirects work correctly and point to the new pages
  • Checking Canonical URL's are set up correctly
  • Making sure you website is fast
  • Ensuring your site is safe from hackers

There are over 170 Technical Factors that can impact the performance of your website, we fix any issues as part of out seo services.

Local San Diego SEO - San Diego SEO
local seo san diego

Local SEO Expert San Diego

Working with with Local San Diego Companies to help grow there business using Local SEO, Google My Business, Yelp and other Local Websites. Google My Business is the top lead producing web property that any business can have, it is essential for almost all locally based businesses. The san diego seo company has a very detailed optimization process for getting local business to rank highly in the local search results. If you have multiple location you are in even position, Google allows you to have multiple Google My Businesses (GMB) listings. To optimize GMB for your website we optimize your on site seo and your off page seo.

We are San Diego SEO Experts

What is a San Diego SEO Expert ? Well we are local to San Diego, many of our employees  live and work in San Diego, and even some of our engineers & writers where born in San Diego. Our people have the local knowledge like no other San Diego SEO Company has, we know the local culture, the local land marks all the things to do and makin Local San Diego SEO work for our clients and customers. We help local San Diego companies get local customer in San Diego County.

SEO Analytics - San Diego SEO Company
seo reporting

SEO Analytics and Reporting

It is important in any marketing campaign to measure and optimize performance. The san diego seo company can provide you with as little or as much data as you wish. We are a data driven seo company and can provide you with many types of reports. Some of the most important reports are:

  1. Number of leads from telephone calls received daily/weekly/monthly
  2. Number of forms fill leads
  3. Press Release Distribution reports
  4. Google Analytics Reports
  5. Google Webmaster Reports
  6. Bing Webmaster Reports
  7. Many other Internal Tracking and Analytics Reports

Who is The San Diego SEO Company?

The san diego seo company website is owned and operated by Simon, a 17 year veteran of the SEO Industry. Simon built his first website back in 1997, yep it was very basic and what built from basic html. Simon has seen the massive expansion of the web and has kept up with all the changes that Google and other search engines have made over the years. Most recently the tasks of an SEO have become more Technical, which is great, since Simon's University degrees are in electrical and computer engineering.

What makes the San Diego SEO Company different?

SEO is very scientific now, it is based on complex algorithms and patents. We use advanced mathematical models and correlation analysis tools to determine what SEO factors need to be improved to help increase the rankings of our clients websites. More recently we have started using the same Technology 'Machine Learning' that Google uses in its algorithm to help determine important ranking factors for our clients. Machine Learning or AI has been part of the Google Algorithm for several years and is influencing more and more of the Google results.

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