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Why You Need A WordPress SEO Expert


If you've spent any time online at all, you know the importance of getting attention. Whether running a business, creating a startup, or working for a cause or charity, if you never concentrate on creating a strong web presence then you're probably never going to get any serious attention. There's too much competition even in narrow specialty niches nowadays to get away with that. A good SEO expert will understand the ins and outs of how Google works, stay on top of what changes are taking place, and be able to adapt while still building a long-term foundation for their clients.

WordPress makes it easy for someone with no technical experience to set up their own website which is great, but for people who are looking to dominate a niche they need a WordPress SEO expert to help make sure they get the absolute most out of everything that WordPress has to offer.

Why WordPress?

There are several reasons to go with WordPress. WordPress is by far and away the most common CMS and accounts for well over 1/3 of all websites online, and some estimates say it's over half. That is incredibly impressive. It also makes sense that Google would have its tools especially set to crawl WordPress websites, giving them a distinctive advantage over less organized websites. The interface for WordPress is easy and intuitive, and makes contribution or maintenance easy.

The huge library of literally millions of different plugins gives WordPress and incredible ability to be customized to your needs. This variety and ability to customize websites makes it an obvious choice.

However, getting the most out of WordPress means that you need a WordPress SEO expert.

The Importance of Premium Themes
While the incredible number of free themes and plugins have long made WordPress one of the most popular content management systems out there for building and maintaining a website or blog, if you are serious about getting ahead of the pack then you need to look at a paid premium theme. These are usually more versatile, very niche, and have clean advanced coding that makes them more adaptable and useful. The Genesis Framework is the most famous one, and is a standard background for tens of thousands of premium themes.

These themes will often have exceptional coding, have schema taken care of (a major technical SEO factor as of 2018), and will deliver far more flexibility than a free theme. However with more options and open coding sections comes an even greater need for professional coders who know how to make any customized changes you need or make updated changes to react to whatever newest changes Google has made to their ranking algorithms.

The SEO Benefits Aren't Automatic

There are a lot of things that WordPress does well, but that doesn't necessarily mean your website will be ahead of any non-WordPress websites from the get-go. This is like a great foundation for any optimization expert to work with, but they still need to build the house on top of that foundation. Understanding tags, categories, sitemaps, and schema are just a few of the many things a good WordPress professional will have to handle to keep your website optimized for the search engines.

Finding A Reliable WordPress SEO Expert

There are many people out there who call themselves experts, but that doesn't necessarily make it true. While this can lead to frustration, by taking a few precautions you can increase your chances of finding a qualified (and high quality) expert. The first is to do some online research. What is the person or company's background? How many positive reviews of them exist? These are good first signs, but the research shouldn't stop there.

Ask for proof of ability. Any company or individual touting themselves as experts in WordPress shouldn't have any problem meeting this request. Whether it's a creative markup, discussion of ways they've customized a website, or explanations of how they'd meet certain requests you have for your site, they should be able to provide ample evidence of how capable they are and why they are a good choice for you and your specific needs.

Interview more than one provider, and see who really hits you as the right one. If you've done your homework, you will have the skills and knowledge necessary to trust a good gut decision.

In Conclusion

Search Engine Optimization is never easy, even when you have the right knowledge and tools at your fingertips. It takes a lot of work, the ability to be incredibly flexible, and a strong understanding of what's changing even before others have figured it out. In other words, there's a reason SEO is a full time job and why many marketing companies have entire staffs dedicated to it. This isn't something to do part-time while running a different business. If you want the most out of what your online presence can be, it's time to get an SEO expert who can make your WordPress site shine!

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