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Joomla SEO Tips and Tricks

Joomla SEO is like SEO for any CMS (Content Management System) such as wordpress or drupal. The basic principles that apply to search engine optimization for wordpress are exactly the same for Joomla. There are plugins that can help make the actual coding easier to do correct SEO but the fundamentals of SEO are exactly the same, here are list of the most important SEO factors for Joomla, WordPress or any website for that matter.

The following tips are based on real world testing on many different niches:

Top 7 SEO On Page Factors for Joomla SEO and WordPress SEO

The Title Tag of the page should ideally have the main keyword within it.

Keyword in the URL

Keyword in the first 100 Words

Keyword in the H1,H2,H3 Tags

Keyword Density

Many SEO guru's will argue that keyword density if not a thing these days, you can judge for yourself by quickly looking at the keyword density of the top 10 results for your keyword. We find that slightly exceeding the keyword density of the #1 or #2 result for a keyword produces positive results.

Keyword in the file name of your Image

The is technique that help your image be found in google image search, it is good practice to name your images keyword.jpg to help google figure out what the image is more easily.

Keyword in your image Alt Tag

This is another good practice to help google understand what your page and what the image on your page is all about.

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