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5 SEO News You Might Miss

Search engine optimization makes or breaks a business today. Whether you have an e-commerce store, a blog, a landing page for your startup, or a website for your company, your page must be optimized to get full leverage and exposure and attract adequate amounts of traffic.

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Strong Shift to Mobile SEO


One of the most important factors when you are optimizing your web page, no matter what it is, whether it is e-commerce or blog, is to make it mobile-friendly. This only means that your page must be converted into a mobile-friendly version of it, if the user accessing it is with a phone. This means:

Businesses of all kinds will pay the price if they do not make a mobile-friendly version of their site due to the overwhelming amount of users who use their smartphones in their daily transactions.

Google Core Update (September 12, 2022)

A few times a year, Google makes huge changes to its search systems and algorithms. These are what they call “core updates”, and there has only been a short time. Core updates are important because they produce noticeable and relevant changes that websites need to adapt to.

Core updates usually involve improving Google’s content evaluation systems in general. Google itself says that sites have to make sure they offer the best content they can because that’s what their algorithms reward. And here are the questions that Google has provided to site owners for reference so they can assess the quality of their site’s content:

Additional questions for reference to refine your content:

Product Reviews Update (July 2022)

The product review update is an update to the search ranking algorithm. It is aimed at product review content that is useful and helpful to searchers. This update aims to promote reviews that go above and beyond, and they want to promote these high quality product reviews in their search results.

Google does not penalize lower quality product reviews, but they will ensure that insightful reviews get more exposure; therefore, your ranking can be directly affected by this element. So if you want to roll with this update, try to check if you have some high-quality reviews you can benefit from.

Do you miss this? Find ways to acquire. Product reviews are important, they can increase traffic and conversions. With that in mind, this new update is incentive enough to do so. So, what can online businesses do to get more and high quality product reviews? Here are some valuable tips:

Google also specified that the initial rollout for this update will be for product reviews in English, but the update should include other languages ​​in the long run.

Valuable Content Over SEO Tactics

In an article on Google Search Central, they mentioned that useless content created to take the first places in search engines no longer occupied those first places. Google aims to motivate content owners to provide truly valuable answers to user questions and requests instead of rewarding those who simply use SEO tactics to boost their rankings.

SEO experts, marketers and content creators are urged to find a balance between providing truly useful content that has value and following SEO practices. Currently, only English content on Google could feel an impact.

Google Provides New HTTPS Report

The HTTPS component on a page ensures the safety and security of users while they are on the web. It is part of the core web vitals. There has been a great demand and request from website owners for Google to provide additional information regarding the HTTPS status of their site. It was not easy to understand that the pages are not served over HTTPS.

In response to this, Google made the HTTPS report in the Search Console. Site owners can use the report to:

Use this report to your advantage, and don’t just ignore it.

Final Thoughts

Outdated and missing the latest information for your business? We hope this article helped our readers to keep up to date with the recent rollouts. There’s a lot to consider with the ever-changing search engine landscape, but we’re confident we’ve summarized everything you need to know so it’s easy to understand.

By applying the information you have read in our article today, you will save the potential of your website to attract traffic, new customers, and exposure and generate profit. Be sure to integrate all the latest changes if success is the goal.

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