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5 Time Sure You Must Hire SEO Pro

There are general business owners and digital marketers who can handle the day-to-day management of their SEO.

At the business level, you can also have web developers, content creators, and others overseeing tasks that support your SEO program.

However, there are some situations that require an experienced SEO professional to solve.

Trying to deal with major issues on your own can lead to excessive frustration and loss of income.

So how do you know when a situation requires the intervention of a seasoned professional?

Here are the five times you need to fully hire an SEO.

1. Google Search Isn’t Indexing Your Website Or Pages


The best way to fix your website is missing from a Google search result is handled by a professional.

An experienced SEO will not waste time and will know what to look for.

This may be a simple oversight that Google will not allow your site to crawl, or it may be a more complex issue with your website structure or URL parameters.

Your content may be plagiarized, or Google may think it’s too similar to another page on your site.

There are many different reasons why an SEO professional can help you fix the problem and get your website indexed and visible on Google.

2. During A Site Migration Or Redesign

2. During A Site Migration Or Redesign

Whenever there are major changes to a website’s domain, CMS platform, layout design, navigation, URL structure, etc., there are risks.

Putting your website blindly in the hands of a great web designer is not a good idea.

As a business owner, you should understand how changes to your website can affect your search traffic.

You want to consult with an SEO expert who manages website migration to get the full distribution of the different technical requirements and requirements.

An SEO can help you create a risk reduction plan to help you manage your migration and see post-migration traffic anomalies.

3. When Organic Traffic Drops

3. When Organic Traffic Drops

If you notice that your Google Search is dropping traffic, would you know what to do?

A drop in site traffic can occur for many reasons, and most of it can be reversed.

How to fix it is not always easy, so it is a good idea to hire an SEO consultant.

Error reporting or seasonal trends can be a technical issue such as an algorithmic change to the page level or a manual action affecting the site.

An SEO professional can review your search traffic trends and provide a clear way to detect the likely cause of your traffic loss and correct the decline.

4. To Reverse A Manual Action

4. To Reverse A Manual Action

If you suspect that the drop in organic traffic is due to manual action, the first step will be to detect what type of manual action has been taken and on which page it is affected.

You must fix all issues on all affected pages before submitting for review.

The review review will explain the specific quality issues on your website, the efforts and steps you have taken to resolve them, and document the outcome of your efforts.

You need to assure Google in good faith that it will not happen again, that you have taken a corner and that you will not continue to spam on the Internet.

All of this should be handled by someone who is experienced in navigating the manual and manual actions.

5. Not Getting Results From SEO Strategy

Maybe you’ve worked with a junior SEO or a well-known SEO agency and you don’t see the results you expect or need from your organic channel marketing efforts.

Maybe your SEO strategy worked very well and you were too busy to provide the time it took for the lead machine to work properly.

Maybe you’ve done SEO and you don’t enjoy it anymore.

Whatever the reason, if you’re not happy with your current organic strategy, then it’s time to hire an SEO.

Listen to your intuition, free up mental space, and continue to face other aspects of your business that spark joy.

Choosing An SEO

I’ve been working in search marketing for over a decade, and during that time I’ve seen long-term marketers share bad advice and newcomers share very good advice.

I’ve seen people gain popularity quickly and I know some who prefer to fly under the radar.

Therefore, this list will not include years of practice or reference to reputational measures.

These six tips, however, will help you choose the SEO that best suits your business goals.

1. Clear Communication 

Communication comes first. You need to understand what your SEO recommends, how it will be implemented and how the results will be tracked.

Ask for explanations if something is not clear.

After all, it’s your business that’s at stake, so it’s in your best interest to know how a marketer plans your support.

Google warns that misleading or misleading tactics, such as landing pages or “throw away” domains, could result in your site being removed from Google’s index.

There is a level of comfort and ease in knowing that someone is in your best interest.

Red flags will be created when you feel “just a number” and will move quickly without any explanation.

2. Strategy Aligns With Your Business Goals

Be prepared to pay for an SEO audit in advance so that the strategy can be tailored to your business goals.

Before signing a contract or agreeing to work with someone, you need to make sure that their idea matches your business idea.

While it’s true that traders can’t promise or guarantee results, they can align their strategy and goals with what you define as profit.

For example, suppose you are hiring an SEO because the leads your website is currently creating are not good.

If the SEO you’re chatting with reviews clicks on the Google Search Console and says, “Hey, you can increase your traffic by 300% by raising this keyword from seventh to third!” – That’s not a good game.

You don’t want to increase traffic to pages that are being created by poor quality customers.

If the SEO you’re talking about is going to start talking to your sales team to define a good keyword strategy, now you have someone who can help you listen to your business needs and meet your goals.

3. Knowledge Of SEO

There are different specialties within the general term of search engine optimization.

For example, if you are doing a site migration, you will be looking for an SEO with a technical skill.

On the other hand, if you rank well and have meaningless traffic, you may want someone who understands your organic content strategy to regain your keyword rank.

Maybe your website is technically good and you have content that converts well, and now you’re looking for someone with a PR steak to earn more backlinks.

Just like when you build an application, the developer needs to be able to code in that language. The SEO you hire must have knowledge of the type of SEO your website needs.

4. Cost Of Service

Before you start your search, it’s important to determine your marketing budget for the next six to 12 months.

The cost of SEO services varies greatly depending on the type of service, provider, and plan.

In 2022, SEO packages are not as common as monthly retention.

For local SEO, the price range is between $ 300 and $ 1,500 per month, and national or international affiliations range from $ 5,000 to $ 10,000 per month.

Hourly rates for SEO consultants range from $ 75 to $ 1,500 per hour.

5. Expectations 

When hiring an SEO, make sure you keep your expectations under control.

A 2017 study tracked the placement of keywords on 2 million pages a year.

Within a year, only 5.7% of all pages surveyed were ranked in at least 10 keywords in 10 search results.

Prove that SEO is a long game.

It took them two to six months to get to the first page of the “luck pages”.

Actually, I shouldn’t call these pages “lucky,” probably because there was an SEO working on the stage.

6. Ask For References

Even if an SEO shares amazing results on social media, or if a friend mentions it or has great case studies, ask for referrals.

Just like you would when hiring an employee.

When checking for referrals, ask questions to find out if SEO guidance was helpful and sustainable.

The hallmark of a good SEO is their ability to integrate optimization processes into their overall business operations.

You want to make sure that your SEO professional is focused on long-term victories, not just quick fixes.

Questions To Ask When Hiring An SEO

When hiring an SEO: “How do you improve my website?” they are not helpful because they may have a different idea of ​​what “improve” means.

Try asking questions to find out if their processes are in line with your business goals.

Here are seven questions to ask when hiring an SEO:

Final Thoughts

Many good SEO practices can be managed internally, once the basic SEO skills and processes are in place.

However, there are situations where you may want to hire an SEO professional, such as site migration or a return to organic traffic.

In the hiring process, make sure you ask questions that will help you find an SEO that matches your marketing goals.

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Can I do SEO on my own?

You can do SEO or DIY SEO (Do It Yourself SEO). With a little research and a lot of practice, anyone can learn how to do SEO for their business. A quick way to get started with SEO is to enter your URL here and then focus your SEO efforts on the recommended action items.

Is SEO easy to learn? SEO is not as hard as it sounds to people; You can achieve 95% of your effort with 5% of your work, and you don’t have to hire a professional SEO to do this, and it won’t be difficult to get started in ranking for well-chosen key terms.

Can I do SEO for free?

There are literally hundreds of free SEO tools out there, so we want to focus only on the best and most useful ones to add to your toolbox. Many people in the SEO community helped to verify the SEO software in this post (see end of note). To enter, an instrument had to meet three conditions.

Is it possible to do SEO for free?

There are many free SEO tools, including Answer the Public, Ubersuggest, and Google Analtyics. What is the best free SEO tool? Google’s toolkit is powerful and free. Google Analytics and the Google Search Console are essential.

Is SEO free on Google?

Free SEO Analytics Tools With accurate Google Analytics information, digital marketers can shape their content strategy and what works and what doesn’t. Google Analytics is one of the best free SEO tools that any digital marketer should use.

Is SEO a waste of money?

SEO is not dead. It’s not about wasting money if it’s done properly. The grass is no greener on the other side; it is greener where it is watered. If you take care of your website, it will take care of you!

Is SEO worth the money?

SEO works if you have the right strategy in place and work with a partner who knows how to get results. About 93% of online experiences start with a search engine, and the buying rate of SEO is much higher than that of traditional marketing. So SEO offers an impressive return on investment (ROI).

Is SEO worth it 2020?

Short answer: YES! SEO is more important than ever! It is still one of the most powerful digital marketing strategies that drive long-term results.

Is SEO still relevant in 2022?

Will SEO still be important in 2022? Of course. Although some of the most effective SEO tactics in the past have ceased to function, SEO has continued to evolve. It is constantly reinventing itself to try to better fit the user’s intent, to improve spam and ineffective tactics.

How do you do Google SEO yourself?

DIY SEO: 6 steps that anyone can follow to get results

  • Set the baseline of your organic search.
  • Investigate relevant keywords and search queries.
  • Post optimized content.
  • Examine your backlinks.
  • Explore Technical Issues.
  • Stay informed.

What is SEO give an example?

Businesses are looking for search engine optimization or SEO to help them become more aware and higher in their search engine rankings. SEO is used by search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing and so on.

What are some examples of SEO marketing? 6 top SEO tactics in place

  • Long tail keyword integration. Keywords are one of the key components of SEO. …
  • White space. …
  • Attractive title tag and meta description. …
  • Popular backlinks. …
  • Fast page speed. …
  • Sensitive design.

What is SEO & How it works?

If so, SEO means ‘Search Engine Optimization’, which is the process of getting traffic from free, organic, editorial or natural search engine results. Your website aims to improve your position on search results pages. Remember, the higher the website, the more people will see it.

How does SEO work in simple words?

How does SEO work? SEO is about optimizing the pages of a website by conducting keyword research and gaining inbound links. In general, you can see the results of your SEO efforts after a search engine crawls and indexes a web page.

What is SEO in simple words?

SEO is search engine optimization, which is a set of practices designed to improve the appearance and placement of web pages in search results.

What is an example of SEO?

The result is based on an algorithm that takes into account how to determine the “best” authority, the importance of that query, the loading speed, and so on. (For example, Google has more than 200 ranking factors in its algorithm.) In most cases, when people think of “search engine optimization,” it’s “Google SEO.”

Do I need to hire someone for SEO?

Yes, hire an agency if you are looking for long-term success. Unless there is something that can be easily fixed on your site (such as completely blocking your robots with a .txt file), most SEOs are building long-term success and value.

Do I need an SEO specialist? According to Google, hiring an SEO specialist can “improve your site and save you time,” but “there is also a risk of damaging your website and your reputation if you hire someone who gives or suggests bad advice.” bad practices and shortcutsâ €.

Do I need to hire a SEO for my website?

Yes: For many businesses, it makes sense to use SEO as a long-term, ongoing strategy to generate revenue, which is what SEO does. Hiring an SEO company helps you earn more from your SEO business, gives you access to advanced marketing technologies, experienced SEO specialists, and more.

Is it worth it to pay someone for SEO?

The short answer is that SEO is very effective not only for generating traffic, but also for customers and sales. Don’t worry. The long answer includes research and data, not just mere statements. Most SEOs are included in specific search measures, such as SERPs (search engine results page), rankings, and organic traffic.

Can I do SEO by myself?

If you’ve been asked, “Can I do SEO myself?” You don’t need to hire an outside agency to improve your SEO, and this guide gives you some basic SEO tips to get you started.

Do I need monthly SEO for my website?

It takes time for SEO to affect your site’s performance and you won’t see any changes overnight. A monthly subscription for your SEO company gives them time to develop the best campaign for your business without time limits. In addition, a monthly SEO plan allows you to build a relationship with your SEO company.

Can one person do SEO?

The question that many people ask is: Can you do SEO yourself? Well, I have some good news! You can do SEO or DIY SEO (Do It Yourself SEO). With a little research and a lot of practice, anyone can learn how to do SEO for their business.

What does an SEO person do?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO Specialist tests, analyzes, and modifies a website so that it is optimized for search engines, and then the website is ranked in the top search engines, such as Google and Bing search engine results.

How much does it cost to hire a SEO?

Monthly$ 1500 – $ 5000 / month
Fixed price$ 1500 – $ 25,000 / contract

How much do you get paid for SEO?

On average, an SEO specialist earns $ 49,000 a year, while the median salary of SEO Managers is significantly higher, at around $ 63,000. There are top SEO executives who typically earn between $ 70,000 and $ 120,000, and SEO Team Managers and Campaign Managers, who earn between $ 50,000 and $ 100,000.

Is SEO worth the money?

SEO works if you have the right strategy in place and work with a partner who knows how to get results. About 93% of online experiences start with a search engine, and the buying rate of SEO is much higher than that of traditional marketing. So SEO offers an impressive return on investment (ROI).

Can you pay Google for SEO?

No. Google does not provide SEO services. Remember, Google is a search engine and they have created their own algorithm for ranking websites.

How do I double traffic to my site?

Rewrite your titles and subtitles. All of this is important to ensure more of your clickthrough rate as well as double the traffic to your website. One thing you should NEVER do is change your URLs while you update an old blog post. Otherwise, broken links, 404 error pages, etc.

Can traffic to your website increase? Email Marketing If you read some of the publications on digital marketing, email marketing will be mentioned in most of them. That’s because it’s still one of the most effective ways to increase website traffic.

How much should a small business spend on SEO?

How much does SEO cost for small businesses? The average cost of SEO for small businesses is $ 750 to $ 2000 per month or $ 5,000 to $ 30,000 for projects. Smaller businesses that invest in SEO consulting services can expect to pay between $ 80 and $ 200 an hour.

Is SEO good for small businesses? If you’re a small business trying to reach customers in your area, SEO is important because it allows you to find them first. 97% of people learn more about a small local business online than anywhere else (Source: SEO Tribunal).

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