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How to rank your products on Google?

Do you intend to run your business online? We have fantastic news for you. Some product sales are increasing by 55% annually, which means a huge opportunity for CBD business options in the years to come. It takes good SEO for CBD websites to rank well and get more purchases.

Importance of SEO for Brands


Creating an efficient CBD SEO plan is the first step to starting an online CBD business. You won’t be able to increase product visibility, generate sales, or improve your search engine rankings until you do SEO.

Any website looking for direct online traffic needs search engine optimization.

Keyword research, a part of the SEO process necessary to get the pulse of your target audience, becomes more accessible with SEO tools.

However, how can you find the right keywords and commodities for your CBD website to rank on Google?

Here are a few cannabis SEO pointers to help you get started ranking your CBD products on Google.

1. Conduct Technical SEO Audit

A regular technical SEO audit of your website is necessary and a CBD SEO agency can help effectively since that is their profession. A technical SEO audit is essential to maintain website performance and ensure positive traffic flow. Without frequent technical SEO assessment, your website may not show up in the SERPs.

Identifying technical errors in the backend and frontend of your website, such as Such as website crawling problems, broken links, duplicate content, poor website structure and slow website speed, will help you fix them timely and keep your website running smoothly.

2. Make your website mobile-friendly and conversion-oriented

It should come as no surprise that a mobile-friendly website is an essential aspect of cannabis SEO. If you sell CBD items, you want your customers to be able to do so without having to switch devices.

A full audit will show if your website is mobile-friendly, which is vital for ranking as more than half of organic search engine traffic comes from mobile devices. Additionally, companies committed to mobile design excellence see average revenue growth of 32%.

3. Work on your internal linking

Internal links connect pages on your site and help users and search engines find related content. They create logical links between the pages of your website.

Although free, this optimization approach is often ignored or abused. However, you can use it to improve your cannabis SEO by:

Passing authority from “more influential” to “less powerful” website pages.

Improve your UX by helping your visitors discover more of your content.

Using internal links to provide more context.

4. Speed Up Your Website

Website performance has a significant impact on user experience and website conversions. Maintaining optimal website speed is essential to attracting and retaining users.

Here are some tips to keep your website running smoothly:

Regularly testing your site’s speed can give you an idea of ​​how it’s performing. A website speed test can help developers identify areas of improvement and address them as quickly as possible to ensure a seamless user experience.

Using a Content Delivery Network (CDN) can increase the speed of your website by caching content and significantly reducing page load time.

On a website, images take the longest to load. You can improve the loading time of images on your website by optimizing your website images by compressing file size and reducing their dimensions or resolutions.

 5. Create authoritative CBD content and earn strong backlinks

Backlinks are considered the lifeblood of SEO as they add “weight” to your pages and make them more trustworthy in the eyes of search engines like Google.

Create authoritative, in-depth CBD-related content and use it to get great backlinks through guest posting. Participating in the online CBD community will boost your SEO while bringing in your knowledge and skills.

You can work with thought leaders and lifestyle bloggers to get important backlinks from relevant websites. Because CBD gummies are so popular, many authors and magazines will be happy to review a new product or interview you as a CBD entrepreneur.

Here are more reasons why you should step up your content marketing efforts to improve your CBD SEO:

6. Target Non-Competitive Keywords

Non-competitive keywords can rank with little to no link building and domain authority.

Long-tail keywords have low search volume but are highly specialized. It allows you to target incredibly relevant topics to your audience.

These non-competitive keywords, if used properly in your website content, can attract a lot of visitors and help you rank quickly.

7. Check Your Competitors

Is it possible to find CBD companies that are doing well online? Check them out and discover what technique they use to increase sales.

You can find your competitors’ keywords and adjust your SEO approach accordingly. If your competition has been around for a while, you should take a close look at their business practices to learn some important lessons that you can apply to your own.


Search engine optimization is one of the most effective hemp marketing tactics for CBD businesses. Understand and explore the best digital marketing approach to optimize CBD-related content and search engine rankings. The above strategies will help you start your online CBD industry journey and improve CBD blog SEO to generate more organic revenue.

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