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Real SEO Media, Inc. Advises How & When to Google Search

Website reputation is one of the many factors that go into search engine optimization for a website.

There are several points to ensure that a website has good SEO. Focusing on just one aspect will only help in the short term.

It is not enough to read comments. A company that actively responds will appear more reputable in the eyes of users and search engines.

HOUSTON, TX, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, June 23, 2022 / — Actual SEO Media, Inc. offers advice on how and when to review online reviews to help boost a company’s search engine results page ranking. Utilizing their knowledge and research, this company has identified several reasons and ways that Google ratings play a role in a website’s search engine optimization.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a compilation of strategies and tactics for marketing a company’s brand online. The ultimate goal of SEO is to increase a website’s reputation and ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs). One such factor is responding to and reviewing the reviews that users leave on Google for a business.

Reviews are a powerful way for companies to build trust and credibility with potential customers. When someone searches for a company on a search engine, past assessments allow them to assess whether they should do business with a company. It is also a way for a company to get feedback from customers to improve products or services.

Responding to and reviewing reviews a business receives online is one way to build trust with the target audience. Responding to and addressing concerns in both positive and negative reviews can boost a company’s reputation online. This shows that a company is actively listening to customer feedback and willing to read and respond.

If a business receives a positive review, be sure to thank the customer for the feedback. It is best to respond directly to the review or through another channel such as social media or email. If there is a negative review, calmly address the customer’s concerns. Thank them for their business and let them know that the company is working to improve the product or service.

Any company response to a review can help improve a website’s SEO and reputation. Actual research from SEO Media, Inc. shows that the best time to respond is within two hours of posting the review. This shows that the company is actively paying attention to what its customer base is thinking. However, replying within 24 hours is also acceptable.

Replying to a review is better than not replying at all. While it might not be the best time if some time has passed, it still shows that a company cares about its customer base. Recognizing a review from a few months ago may not affect a site’s ranking in Google’s eyes, but online users will see that the company is actively trying to improve.

Not all reviews or comments a business receives will be positive. Even if a company offers quality service, a dissatisfied customer may leave a negative review. However, there is a difference between constructive negative reviews and those that are spam. Actual SEO Media, Inc. offers advice on when and how to remove comments that will negatively affect a site’s ranking in search engine results.

A business cannot remove all negative comments from its Google profile. However, they may flag specific reviews that violate Google’s policies. Google considers these “low quality reviews” and hosting too many of them can cause a site to drop in rankings.

The removal process is taken seriously and the reasons may vary. If a review includes any of the following, the business must flag it for removal by Google:

Civil speech – Google will not tolerate content that harasss other users or companies or content that encourages such behavior. Comments or comments that include hate speech or offensive content must be flagged for removal. Google will also remove comments that contain personal information. deceptive content

If the assessment is not based on an actual incident or does not accurately represent the company’s location or product, it may be eligible for removal. Misrepresentation, misinformation, misrepresentation or false involvement are also considered deceptive content.

Adult Content – Reviews that include profanity, sexually explicit language, adult themes, or that include violence and blood are considered adult content. If there are comments like this, a business should flag them for Google to remove.

Regulated, Hazardous, & Illegal – Any comments or reviews with calls to action for products or services that face local restrictions or promote dangerous activities may be removed by Google. Any content that is not safe for a child to view may also be flagged for removal.

Information Quality – Feedback and ratings should be based on a customer’s experience or questions about experiences at a specific location. It must not contain content that does not relate to the experience or company for which the feedback is intended. If the review is political in nature, rant or publicity for a company, it may be flagged for removal.

Positive and negative customer reviews are a source of a company’s reputation. One way to increase a company’s online presence is to respond promptly to all your reviews and comments. Actual SEO Media, Inc. recommends checking reviews at least once a day to respond, engage with customers, and gauge the quality of reviews a business is receiving.

As a leading SEO company in Houston, Actual SEO Media, Inc. empowers your customers to maximize their digital marketing potential. By harnessing the power of search engine optimization, the company helps companies expand their reach online and establish a stronger presence on the internet. Actual SEO Media, Inc. helps to spread the reputation of your customers online by optimizing the factors that can affect a website. For more information, contact the office at (832) 834 – 0661 or email

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