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SEO Tips For Cleaning Professionals

Contributed by Robert Kravitz, AlturaSolutions

Many cleaning professionals believe that there is a “secret” to effective search engine optimization (SEO), and unless you know this secret, your site will not rank on Google.

The reality is that there is no secret. SEO is all about using a few easy-to-learn strategies.

That’s according to Robert Kravitz of AlturaSolutions, a marketing agency for influencers and thought leaders. Plus, he says, the process starts with blogs placed on your website.

To help you get found on search engines, here are his key tips:

First select the keywords. Your blog keywords are often the central topic of the blog. If the post is about “cleaning floors”, the applicable keywords may be cleaning wooden floors; cleaning tiled floors; wash the floors; or the best ways to clean floors.

Select a keyword tracking program. Google AdWords is suggested for this, but there are other platforms – some free, some moderately expensive – that are easier to use.

Have attractive titles. Attractive headlines grab visitors’ attention. “Five ways to do this. . .” or “Ten Things You Should Know About It” are memorable and catchy. Asking questions is also effective. “Did you know that soils are germ collectors? Now that’s an attention grabber.

Keyword dusting. Keywords should be in your blog’s first sentence, second and third paragraphs, and then sprinkled throughout the post. Don’t overdo it. Highlight each time they are used to keep track of them.

Evergreen blogs. Unlike shorter blogs, permanent blogs are 1,000 words or more and stay relevant for long periods of time. Evergreen blogs are generally examples of thought leadership and are not as impacted by changes in search engine algorithms.

Keywords in titles and headings. Keywords should be in the title of the post and in the subtitles. With a 600 word blog, two or three subtitles with keywords should work well.

Incoming and outgoing links. Be sure to add external hyperlinks in the body of your content and internal links. Internal links point to more information on your site, and both improve SEO.

Quotes are good. Adding quotes from well-known and respected people lends credibility to the post.

Avoid quotes. Only use quotes around actual quotes. If you need to emphasize a word or group of words, use bold or italics, not “quotes”.

Pictures. Images improve SEO if you take advantage of ALT text. Search engines cannot distinguish one image from another. The ALT text tells the search engine what the image is about.

“Finally, give it some time,” adds Kravitz. “Patience and persistence pay off big time when it comes to SEO.”

What do you say on a household ad? Cleanup ads should always include two main messages: what you offer and how the reader can get it. You can be as creative as you want with the ad itself, as long as the offer and call to action are still easy to understand.

Which SEO technique should be avoided?


Which SEO technique should be avoided?

Outdated SEO – the techniques you should avoid

  • Don’t prioritize keywords too much. Keyword research has long been considered the cornerstone of SEO. …
  • Don’t create a landing page by keyword variation. …
  • Don’t post too much content. …
  • Don’t use lazy link building techniques. …
  • Do not accept low quality guest blogs.

Why black hat SEO techniques should not be used? This can lead to lower search rankings or even cause a site to disappear from search results altogether. Since black hat SEO techniques are explicitly against search engine terms of service, search engines can penalize and even ban sites from appearing on their search results pages if they engage in these tactics.

What is best SEO technique?

Stop trying to write content for the search engine. In 2022, people and experiences are at the heart of all SEO techniques and tricks. So focus your time and energy on developing high-quality content that speaks to and informs your target persona. This is the basis of any good SEO strategy.

Is SEO difficult to learn?

Is SEO difficult to learn?

SEO just isn’t as hard as people make it out to be; you can get 95% of the effort with 5% of the work, and you absolutely don’t need to hire a professional SEO to do it, nor will it be hard to start ranking for key terms though choose.

How long does it take to learn SEO? It can take you anywhere from 4-6 weeks to 5-8 years to learn SEO depending on factors such as the level you want to reach, how much time you are willing to commit to learning SEO, your current experience, your perseverance. you are, what resources you use, and more.

Is SEO a good career?

Career Opportunities in Search Engine Optimization ‘Yes. SEO is a good career option as it is among the most sought after careers in digital marketing. There are several organizations around the world that hire SEO professionals to generate better content and therefore produce more leads.

Is SEO still a good career?

‘ Yes. SEO is a good career option as it is among the most sought after careers in digital marketing. There are several organizations around the world that hire SEO professionals to generate better content and therefore produce more leads.

Is SEO a good career in 2021?

Yes, SEO is a good career in 2022 because it gives you access to various opportunities. You can work in-house, hire clients, and even build and grow websites that you own. Moreover, the three most popular websites,, and, are also the biggest search engines.

Do SEO jobs pay well?

The good news is that globally, 60% of SEO professionals earn at least – or more – the US median ($57,456 for men and $47,299 for women). 19% of global respondents reported earning more than $100,000 per year, while a lucky few at the top (3.38%) reported earning more than $200,000 per year.

Can I learn SEO quickly?

Without too much investment, your SEO knowledge can grow quickly.

How hard is to do SEO yourself?

You can do SEO yourself or DIY SEO (Do It Yourself SEO). With some research and lots of practice, anyone can learn how to do SEO for their business. A quick way to get started with SEO is to enter your URL here and then focus your SEO efforts on recommended action items.

Can I learn SEO in 2 months?

Although this is a career path, you can indeed learn SEO in about a month – enough to have a huge impact on your website and therefore your business as a whole.

How many hours does SEO take?

How many hours does SEO take?

It can take as little as two hours for a single blog post to rank; two weeks for a competitive landing page to rank; six months for a series of pages to rank, or over a year for a brand new site to see SEO traction. The generic answer “4-6 months” is exactly that, generic.

How many hours per month does SEO take? Naturally, you can also expect that the company’s budget can influence these numbers, as it determines how much time they can invest in SEO. Investing the recommended 4-15 hours of work per week into SEO, on average, results should start showing within 6-12 months.

How many hours a week does SEO take?

The bottom line. Even for the small range of organizations I looked at here (small to medium sized businesses), you can see the huge range of potential time spent on an SEO campaign. In total, this represents between 12 and 104 hours per week.

How long should you spend on SEO?

Depending on what you can afford, the size of your website, and the amount of content you generate, you can expect to spend between 5 and 50 hours per month on your SEO efforts.

Is SEO a lot of work?

In short, YES, SEO actually works. The process of adjusting your site to load quickly, with clean code and content optimized for your users’ searches, gives your site a better chance of ranking well on search engine results pages. Google search.

How long does SEO take on average?

Many SEO companies will tell you that it takes 4-6 months to start seeing results. That’s usually correct, but keep in mind that’s when you start seeing results and SEO results increase over time. Whatever results you get at 6 months should be significantly lower than those you get at 12 months.

Can I learn SEO in 2 months?

Although this is a career path, you can indeed learn SEO in about a month – enough to have a huge impact on your website and therefore your business as a whole.

How long does SEO take to do?

Unlike other popular marketing channels, SEO doesn’t work instantly. Most professionals expect to see results in as little as 2 months, but SEO can take up to 12 months to work. Although each company’s SEO strategy differs, most companies can expect to see significant results in 6-12 months.

Will SEO exist in 5 years?

Will SEO exist in 5 years?

SEO will not be eliminated in the next five years as social media and search engines will more than likely merge. Facebook has already started doing this: they average over 1.5 billion searches per day. Twitter did the same; they joined in partnership with Google.

Does SEO have a future? The future of SEO will be brand integrity and using partnerships and relationships to build credibility and popularity. The importance of PR and online traction through other websites and media centers will be invaluable for SEO success.

Is SEO worth learning in 2021?

The short answer is that SEO is very effective, not only for driving traffic, but also for generating leads and sales. Do not worry. The long answer includes search and data, not just empty statements. Most SEOs get too caught up in search-specific metrics like SERPs (search engine results page), rankings, and organic traffic.

Is SEO still relevant in 2021?

SEO still remains relevant and vital in 2021 if you want your business to have an effective online presence.

How SEO will change in 2021?

Google Page Experience Update One of the biggest announcements about Google’s upcoming SEO changes this year, the Page Experience Update essentially confirms that user experience will become a signal SEO ranking at some point in 2021.

Why do you need SEO in 2021?

In short, SEO is crucial because it makes your website more visible, which means more traffic and more opportunities to convert leads into customers. Learn about SEO tools you can use for top rankings.

Is SEO still relevant in 2022?

Will SEO still be relevant in 2022? Yes of course. Although some SEO tactics that were effective in the past have stopped working, SEO has continued to evolve. Constantly reinventing itself to try to better match user intent, removing spammy and ineffective tactics to become better.

How SEO will change in 2022?

Google’s algorithm improves to recognize content with the most relevant and reliable information. By 2022, expect SEO rankings to be more competitive by providing high quality content that is useful to internet users.

What does the future of SEO look like?

The future of SEO in 2023 also includes evergreen content creation. Content is a critical component if you want to be successful with SEO in 2023. If you don’t create content, you won’t have anything to rank for in search results. If you want your content to rank in search results, you need to optimize it for search engines.

Will SEO become obsolete?

As long as there are search engine results pages, SEO will never be stale. As long as the algorithm continues to crawl our websites, there will always be a need for SEO professionals. Organic search will always be a channel that can bring immense value to any business.

Is SEO still relevant in 2021?

SEO still remains relevant and vital in 2021 if you want your business to have an effective online presence.

Is SEO obsolete?

Make no mistake about it: SEO isn’t dying, but it’s evolving much more than it was years ago. If you’ve been debating whether or not to invest in SEO for your business, read on to find out why SEO isn’t dying — but is actually thriving — in 2021.

Is SEO still relevant in 2020?

While some traditional marketing methods may become obsolete, SEO is here to stay in 2020. Whether you invested in SEO early or are just getting started, it can still be a major driver of traffic and leads to your website. .

Do website builders affect SEO?

Do website builders affect SEO?

Website builders don’t just limit technical SEO, they also limit business options. The inability to directly edit your website’s HTML, however, creates issues that go beyond SEO. For example, my agency is in the process of completing a website for a large contractor that offers a variety of services in multiple locations.

Are website builders SEO friendly? To recap, the five best website builders for SEO are: Squarespace – great for boosting your site’s SEO with a range of built-in features. – great for those who want a hands-on SEO experience. Weebly – dozens of useful, high-quality SEO apps. GoDaddy – great for those who want outside help with SEO.

Does rebuilding website Affect SEO?

Many fractions are changed during the redesign, including code and pages. If not properly managed, it can negatively impact the SEO of the website and affect the long-term growth of the site. However, if done correctly, redesigning a website can also increase your SEO strength.

Does redesigning a website affect SEO?

How do website redesigns affect SEO? Website redesigns can have a big impact on SEO. When done right, improved UX can improve rankings, but if redirects aren’t carefully mapped out, it can lower your authority and lead to the loss of a lot of organic traffic to your website.

Does updating your website help SEO?

If you want to boost your SEO, look no further than updating your old content. It’s the perfect way to increase the traffic your website receives from search engines, and it’s guaranteed to dramatically improve your content rankings. To get started, create compelling new content to add on top of your old posts.

Why you shouldn’t use a website builder?

They hurt your SEO and your business Websites created with builders like Wix or Google Sites are not suitable for professional businesses and are bad for SEO. They are not customizable and it is not difficult to learn HTML on your own.

Is it unprofessional to use a website builder?

Just like Geocities, site builder URLs don’t look professional, can reduce your credibility as a business and drive visitors away.

Is website builder safe? aims to help even the most basic user set up a website. It offers free and secure web authoring for all accounts as well as an easy-to-use drag-and-drop feature that lets you easily drag images, text, and videos and drop them wherever you want on your page. .

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