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What is Google My Business?

For many readers this may be obvious, but I want to be sure we are all on the same page here.  Google My Business is the listing on Google that shows up generally in the Google maps three-pack for listing that includes local businesses.  For instance, if you search for a plumber near you – you will get Google Maps results near you. That’s Google My Business at work.


Why is Google My Business Important?


While there are a TON of studies out there on Google My Business, I will only speak from the perspective of our own agency.  We estimate that for clients serving a local market, that 50-70% of the leads from Google come from their Google My Business profile.  A runner up is the organic listings just below the Google Maps listings. Needless to say that if lead gen or traffic is important to your business, having an optimized Google My Business is Ultra Important.


First Steps in Optimization

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  1. Fill everything out that you can!
    1. While it may seem cumbersome at first, it’s best to get this out of the way straight away, or if you have had a Google My Business set up for a while, do this now!  Fill out everything you can.
  2. NAP (Name Address Phone)
    1. Make sure that the Google My Business matches the address on your website…EXACTLY!
  3. Google My Business Posts
    1. Start creating Google My Business posts about your business.  Just like you would on Facebook etc.
  4. Multi-Location
    1. If you have multiple locations, make sure you have page
      es on your own website for each location to ensure that Google understands that you are supposed to have multiple Google My Business profiles.  Otherwise, it may get suspended.

Ongoing Optimization

  1. Watch for Updates!
    1. Google takes it upon themselves to constantly change these profiles these days.  Whether you know of the change or not, they may have changed things, so review your profile often to ensure nothing is askew.
  2. Google My Business Posts
    1. There is a lot you can do here, but the more you post, the better.  Also, any events, offers, or new information you should consider sharing here just as you would with those fun social media channels that have more bells and whistles.  I will argue you will get more bang for your buck here, at least for most businesses.


This is the 101 version of how to get your Google My Business profile up to speed.  It is becoming more and more complicated every day, so if you want a real stab at it either get ready to constantly education yourself or hire an SEO EXPERT cough cough Local Blitz 🙂

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